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The edgeruners

While they definitely aren't alike in any part, they work together well enough.

For the most part. 

From grabbed off the street to pillow princesses, this crew does just about one thing good together:

Blow shit the fuck up.


Fux jumong

Fux Jumong is the sad boy/Rocker boy of the party. Capable of inciting the most gnarly of riots and the most wanton destruction... when he isn't crying in a corner.

Adorned in neon purple and cyan and hiding the fear in his eyes, he has his sights set on Chikara. And he will not rest until one of them is dead.



Young, sexy, and is definitely manipulating you and you have no idea. Cal is only there for themselves. She doesn’t care who you are, what you do, what your backstory is, he’s only talking to you because she knows she can get something out of you. He has no family, no friends, nothing and he couldn’t give the slightest shit. He will sleep with whoever, flirt with anyone, manipulate anything and everything to get them to their goal, make those who destroyed her humanity pay the price tenfold. The pain and agony they had to go through destroyed any empathy he could have had. Good luck prying that tragic backstory out of her, you’re gonna have to offer up something real good to get her to talk. There’s no guarantee it’ll be the truth though~


Aleksei kravchenko

Aleksei Kravchenko is a fashion conscious goody two-shoes doctor who firmly believes in doing the right thing at every juncture and doing no harm to others as that violates their code as a doctor. They run a clinic in the Watson District called the Kravchenko Clinic. Quick to crack jokes about the situation, Aleksei is generally a welcome addition to any gathering as he is typically jovial but can be deadly serious when he wants to. Clad in his Doc Martens and doctor’s regalia you can depend on this Doc to fix ya right up, even if you don’t necessarily deserve it.


Fitz o'cari

What can I say about Fitz that isn’t already obvious as day? Probably not much that isn’t spoilery. You’ve likely learned that he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, especially when he should. I would argue that his confidence is both earned & unearned. He knows what he’s worth, but he doesn’t want the world to know where that line is. One last thing: he would do anything to protect A.I.Lyson, which is why facing his own mortality hasn’t had the effect on him one might expect. If you want to learn more, well hell, you’ll just have to keep listening won’t ya?


Cho Marsh

tired, take no shit, and downright pissed off at the world. getting a job to legally kill certainly helps take the edge off, as do the cigs and drinks, but nothing really scratches the itch. street punk underground fighter to war dog to gun for hire, marsh cho keeps himself to few and his bullets to many while trying to hunt down his sisters' killer.

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