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Behind The voices

Well when you can't see our faces, you don't know all that much about us, do you?


Alexandria Willits


" By day I’m an environmental restoration technician making the Lorax proud; by night I’m a writer, dungeon master, worldbuilder, procrastinator, and an insomniac. I graduated from Coe College with a double major in Environmental Studies & Writing, and I’m truly astounded to actually be using both of those degrees for something in the real world.

I’ve been running tabletop roleplaying games ever since I was the only one of my friends who’d read all the rulebooks for 3rd Edition D&D in middle school, and therefore was the only one who could DM. That is fortunately no longer the case (I’ve surrounded myself with skilled roleplayers, improv performers, and ttrpg nerds) but I’m still too much of a diva to step out of the spotlight, so I’m stuck as the Forever-DM. I’m the writer, editor, and gamemaster for Night City Blues, and this show is my darling baby. "




Born in September of 1998

" I grew up with a deep love for fantasy and sci-fi. Some of my earliest memories were that of Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, the works of Terry Pratchet, etc.

What drew me to Cyberpunk was the philosophical questions about A.I., humanity, and how our morality/perceptions mesh to create such interesting lines of thought.

I met our gamemaster Lexi where I met most of the cast: college. We swam in similar circles and share a brotherly bond that I expect will last a lifetime. One thing I can say for sure is that wherever this podcast takes us, I’ll have even more memories to cherish by the end. "


Meadow of ashes


" Short, tired, and emotionally numb. Most of the time. But that’s what therapy’s for am I right?


I’m an aspiring concept artist who honestly doesn’t even know if I want to be a concept artist anymore. I got experience in way too many things that I don’t actually wanna be. I’ll figure myself out eventually but for now I’m trying to live my best nerd life. None of my social media is up to date art wise so good luck figuring out if I’m actually good at drawing or not. "



Any Pronouns

Hi! Y'all can call me Zae. I play Fux Jumong (A.K.A. Michael Park). If you want to know a variety of useless facts about professional wrestling or JRPGs, I got you covered. I also dabble in music production on the side.


Me and Lexi have been friends since highschool. Back then, I was only first starting to get into TTRPGs and Lexi was my first game master. I have played in a handful of games with Lexi since, And I like to think I've always been just a little bit of a pain in their side.


Finely Stevens


" Yooooo, my name is Finley Stevens and I like long walks on the beach and committing crime. I also play far too many gacha games and my head is empty at all times


I actually met Lexi at a party in college. I was indulging and my state of mind was altered and I was going around the party telling people that they were pretty and I liked their outfits and I ran into Lexi and at some point they pulled me aside and said “You and me? We’re gonna be best friends.” And the rest is history. "




" Heyo, Call me Crow! I'm an artist and writer, currently dipping my toes into making cringy midwest emo-esque music. I have a huge love of horror and embrace my natural cringe with open arms.

I play marsh Cho, my big mans. he's a character that's existed for a pretty long time and has gone through quite a few variations. I feel like he's finally been refined to a sharp point and it's ready to swing.

I met most of the cast in college, Lexi being one of the first people I really felt comfortable around. I brought ashes, my partner, to the group shortly before we began recording. I love this group with my whole being and I can't wait to see where all this goes! "

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